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Our company’s philosophy at Debt Free Living Ltd. revolves around teaching you money management principles. We help you strategically restructure your debt so you can go from debt to wealth and become debt free for life. We enable you to put your financial house in order so that you can lead a debt free and prosperous life.

Yes, debt free living is in everyone’s reach. Our Debt Free Living Plans are not based on science fiction, assumptions or generalities, but on simple mathematics and probability.

The whole strategy is based on helping you to understand how the principal of “Compound Interest” works against you. We then show you how to reverse the trend and get it working for you.

We help you restructure your debt. We create a personalize Debt Free Living Plan and help you implement it.

People who implemented our Debt Free Living Plans, became completely debt free including their mortgages in 10 years or less, saved hundreds of thousands in interest payments and started saving for their life goals.

They feel in control of their finances and confident about their financial future. For more details check out our case study.

Our Debt Free Living Plan pays your debt load using the same money you are currently earning. If this is not feasible, we will resort to refinancing your house (if you are a homeowner). If you have no house or equity in your house, we will consider settling your debt. If you can afford to settle your debt, we will assess government relief programs as potential solutions to your financial situation.

People without a Debt Free Living Plan pay thousands of dollars in interest payments on never-ending credit card and mortgage balances over their lives. Most likely, these people will retire with significant debt load. Have the courage to break from the debt prison and claim your debt freedom rights.

My book and your personalized debt free summary plan are FREE to you, take advantage!

Fill out our no-obligation application form and receive my book and your debt free summary plan FREE. The plan will tell you where you are and what actions you should take to become debt free.

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August 25 2006 – George provided excellent service as our Mortgage Broker, he was friendly, flexible and able to handle what was potentially a problematic situation. He always offered sound advice and had our best interests in mind at all time. I would highly recommend him.
Grant Pennell - Inside Sales Manager
December 22, 2005 – We would recommend George Kaadi and his firm of experts with extremely high regard and confidence to our closest friends and family members. We only wish we had been introduced sooner, as we know George would have helped us to make better decisions about our future financial plans.
Bruce and Joanne H.
September 19 2007 – Based on the information he provided we were able to choose a strategy that was best suited to our situation and constraints. As such, he showed us how to use discipline and pay off our debts to then build and emergency fund and to invest our savings in vehicles I would not have come across talking to my banker. He taught me about tax savings and leveraging existing rules to increase my retirement fund using money the government would have simply kept to himself!
Andras Kovats
November 14 2007 I just wanted to say thank you for all the help that you provided my husband and I for our refinancing when we were having problems getting information from our bank for the same. Your knowledge and understanding of finances helped us to make the right decisions regarding our financial situation and living is now bearable and we can see light at the end of the tunnel after only a few short months, which is certainly not what the bank was helping us to do. We appreciate all th…
S. and J. McKenzie
September 26 2007 – We came to you as first time buyers with some consumer debts after our bank gave the running around, seeking mortgage, we got home with far beyond that. Not only had you secured us an approval within 24 hours, you gave us the best rate at the time, and long lasting debt management help that has saved us considerable money and widened our smile; you helped changing our lives to the better.
Walid Bechara & Farah Dbouk