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Who can you turn to help choose the best debt elimination strategy that works best for you?

I have written the book on how to get out of debt on $10 a day. Click here if you want my book for free. My book is called “Plan B – It is time to become debt free on $10 per day”. I have helped hundreds of family put their house in order. I can help you to.

Of course there other debt elimination expert out there, you just have to find the one that will have your best interest at heart.

Which debt elimination strategy works best for you?

I have answered 101 questions that answer debt related issues. You can use debt consolidation, debt elimination, debt management, debt settlement, proposal and bankruptcy) as a viable strategy to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Which debt elimination strategy work best for your depends on your debt load, your income and credit rating. Unfortunately there is no magic solution. You have to assess your situation and choice the best debt elimination strategy.

I have a court judgment against me over an unpaid credit card debt, what can I do settle it?

Your creditors want to collect on their debts. A judgment is an order to pay your debt. Yes you can settle on your judgment. But don’t expect 3o cents on the dollars. You would need to provide your creditor with a sensible offer that they can’t refuse. You may need to seek a debt settlement company to lend a hand.

Can a debt collection agency sue me over my debt?

Yes, but it is rare. If you are being called by a third party debt collection agency, most likely you are not going to be sued. If you were going to be sued your lender would already have done that. Yes, they can sue you if the debt collection agency purchased your debt from your creditor.