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Debt Free Solutions With Debt Free Living Ltd

Where there is financial freedom, there is peace. Nothing equals the joy of debt free living where you do not have to face the tension of juggling your expenses and worrying about paying all those bills on time. Being informed that you have exceeded your overdraft, again, is not the best news in the world. Some amount of debt is inevitable and usually manageable, as in the case of your credit card bills, which must be paid by the due date. But when debt invades your life and grows out of control, the situation can look quite grim. What do you do?

Quit worrying

Yes. You heard that right. Stop worrying and take action. At Debt Free Living Ltd, we have made it our mission to help people live debt-free. All it takes is commitment. Depending on your specific situation and goals, we offer you a variety of options. Here is a quick overview of these:


If you have a few debts, we will renegotiate these to get better repayment terms. The goal is to lower the interest rates or payments so that it is more manageable and takes you closer to debt relief. Debt can also be refinanced with a home equity loan whose interest rate will be lower, but this means putting your home up for collateral.

Debt Negotiation

Our debt management plan includes debt negotiation where our expert counselors negotiate with your creditors to reduce the interest rate on the balance you owe them. A budget is then made to suit your current financial status so that you get out of debt as soon as possible.

Credit card debt consolidation

A debt consolidation program is geared at debt relief especially for those who pay multiple bills. Under the program all these bills are consolidated into one affordable monthly payment at a reduced rate of interest, taking you closer to a debt free life.

Credit counseling

With credit counseling, the counselor will analyze your debt and financial situation to make a plan and budget. Based on your spending habits and monthly income, a solution will be recommended to help you handle your debts.

Filing for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is usually a last resort solution when none of the other solutions will work. It is a court action that frees you from all creditors and while that sounds rosy, it is important to bear in mind that it goes on your credit report for ten years, which means you will have no access to credit during this period.

Which of these is the right solution for you?
Ask for our debt free summary plan

Do not allow debt to ruin your life and your relationships. Where there is a problem, there is always a solution and we will help you become debt free with a personalized debt management program.

At Debt Free Living, our debt management program is customized based on your financial goals, income and expenses, liabilities and mortgage, your investments and insurance commitments. The financial plan we create for you will help you eliminate your debt, while you create wealth for your retirement.

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